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Split Decision Reviews!

We saw two pretty rad reviews pop up last month, and another one today. Here are links to all three of them. Check em out!



  For those of you who have ever agonized over two choices, soup or salad, decaf or no, Coke or Pepsi, to be or not to be... take heart! The newest release from Thumper Punk Records is just for you. "Split Decision" is an EP that says, "to heck with one or the other; I want both!" Featuring the Boston-based A Common Goal, and Idaho-based False Idle, this is a perfect match for any lover of punk rock. Each band has crafted two brand new songs exclusively for this split, as well as covering a song from the other.

  "Nowhere Fast" and "Two Steps Behind" combine ACG's melodic genius with the lyrical substance that brings a challenge and a call to action within every song they write. The cover of FI's "Where Do We Go From Here" is a brilliant take on the original.

  FI's new songs, "First World, Last Place" and "Say Goodbye" are just another step forward for a band that refuses to be predictable. The vocals and instrumental structure shows an already experienced band that is maturing still. Their cover of ACG's "The Cavalry" puts a new spin on the original with their cutting, aggressive vocals and fast-paced approach to the song.

  No matter what your exact taste is, "Split Decision" is a release that delivers on all fronts. So who's the champ?? It's up to you!




Pre-Orders available now! Each pre-order comes with an instant download of two tracks from the split. Get yours TODAY!

Indie Vision Music is also hosting an exclusive stream of one of our tracks from the split HERE! Go check it out!



Stoked for this show! Be there!



Check out our very own, Sef Idle's, brand new solo project. If you dig the mellow acoustic stuff, you're sure to like this EP!




Boston based, A Common Goal, and Boise based, False Idle, have decided to join forces to release a six song split CD. The release will consist of two completely new original songs from each of the two bands, as well as one re-interpretation of one of the other band's previously released songs.

Following on the heels of each bands 2013 full length releases, the split is set to be released in late November 2014.

A Common Goal released their full length, Blessings and Battles, on Thumper Punk Records in May of 2013. The full length was a follow up to their Debut EP, For God and Country, which was officially released in 2012.

False Idle also released their first full length in May of 2013 on Thumper Punk Records as a follow up to two EP's, Hymns Of Punk Rock Praise released in 2010 and I Refuse released in 2011.





Well, I guess this makes it official. False Idle at the Boise Music Festival, 8pm on the Pawn1 stage. Representing the Boise Punk Rawk! Be there!



BRAND NEW SHIRTS!!! Head on over to our Online Store to get yours before they are all gone!



Acoustic Cover Series - Episode Four



Acoustic Cover Series - Episode Three



Acoustic Cover Series Contest


  Do you like to sing? Do you own a webcam? Can you sorta play guitar, or another instrument? If you answered yes to any, or all, of these questions, then today is your lucky day!!!

  We want to hear you sing one of our songs for a chance to win a SWEET False Idle merch package, and get your video posted as an official episode in part of our ongoing Acoustic Cover Series.

Go to falseidlepunk.com/contest to find out more!



Acoustic Cover Series - Episode Two



Acoustic Cover Series - Episode One

Check out the first video in our new series of acoustic cover songs. Sef plays the Bouncing Souls song, True Believers.



Acoustic Ep Update

  Well, after a summer of recording, traveling, and playing shows, the acoustic EP is finally finished. We named the EP "California Or Bust". The CD's have been pressed and printed, and the digital distribution is currently in process. The official release date is set for Oct 23rd, but if you order a CD we wont wait to send it, especially if you ask nicely. We are really happy with how it turned out and we think that anyone who liked the I Refuse EP or the Threat full length will really enjoy the acoustic version of the songs we put on the EP.

  Digital copies will be available on iTunes, BandCamp, Amazom mp3... blah blah blah... If you want a physical copy of the CD you can just click on the picture of the album cover below. Thanks for all of the support.



What an awesome weekend!

  After years of hoping and trying, we finally made it down to Southern California this past weekend for Thumper Punk Records night. It was great to meet all of the people and bands from down there that we have been talking to for years. It was really a fun trip.

  I'm sure we'll have some pictures and videos up sometime soon.



So Stoked on this! See you this weekend So-Cal



uniSEF Now Available on Bandcamp

  If you have ever been curious as to what Tyler and Sef did before False Idle, here's your chance to find out. 41 tracks for $10...



Cross Rhythms False Idle Interview

  After a great 9 out of 10 review, CrossRhythms (based in the UK) decided to interview us. You can read the full interview here:



Acoustic EP Video Update #2



Acoustic EP Video Update



Acoustic EP Update

  Well, recording is now in full swing. It should be a fun session tonight. We'll try to squeeze in some video updates as we go along to give you something to laugh at.

Talk to you all soon



Beyond the Riff Radio Interview

  If you missed the live interview, you can listen to it right HERE



Acoustic EP Pre-Order

  The acoustic EP that was initiated as a fund raiser to get False Idle to California the September, has been set up as a pre-order in the False Idle online store. If you haven't placed your order yet, there is still time. Just click on the picture!



False Idle - New Brand Of Revolution lyric video



False Idle Live Radio Set Video



False Idle Live Radio Set

  We will be playing a live set this Wednesday night (10:30) on Radio Boise's Punk N Pie show. You can listen live here: http://mainsite.radioboise.org/, or, if you are local, just tune your radio dial to 89.9 FM



Free Song Download

  Okay, I think we have held out long enough. The song has a music video that you can watch anytime you want, so we might as well just give you the song... So here you go. A free download of the song "On Tomorrow" from the album Threat.

  Go ahead, tell all of your friends too, we don't mind... Enjoy!

  Just click here -> On Tomorrow



Album Reviews

  Reviews are pouring in like crazy, so instead of trying to keep up with putting them on the news feed here, we created a review page (link on menu above) for you. That will be updated as regularly as possible. Check it out!

Acoustic Pre Order/Fund Raiser

  A fund rasier has been set up for us by the good folks at Turn The Other Cheek Radio in an effort to get us down to California for Thumper Punk Records night this Fall. We have decided to record an acoustic EP for anyone who donates $6 or more. This will be an exclusive offer, so don't miss out.

  - You can join the Facebook event here: Acoustic Pre Order/Fund Raiser Event Page

  - Or simply make a pre-order/donation here: Acoustic Pre Order/Fund Raiser Donation Page



Show Added:

  Our first show of the year! Punk Monday at Liquid in Boise. Be there at 8pm!We have a lot of new music to play for you...



Album Update:

  The masters are back from the Blasting Room as of Saturday. We are putting the finishing touches on the artwork this week, and then they will get send out for pressing. Man, they sound good!

  In other news, we packed up everything we have this past weekend and headed to an undisclosed location for an undisclosed event that you will all know about very soon. Stay tuned for updates.

  We have added our first show back since 2012. It will be a classic Boise Punk Monday show at Liquid on April 15th with Hudson Falcons and Machine Gun Vendetta... Don't miss it!

  Make sure to sign up for our mailing list (by clicking on the contact link) to say updated with all of the latest happenings.




  The new album, Threat, is now available for pre-order. All pre-orders come with a free, threat specific, patch or button, so make sure to choose the option you want most. Click on the album cover to go to the pre-order page.



Album Update:

  The album mixing process is now complete. We had the final band review last night and made all of the final tweaks that we could think of. The next step in the process is to send the tracks out to The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO to be mastered by the one and only Jason Livermore, whose credits include the bands, NOFX, The Casualties, The Bouncing Souls, Rise Against, Propagandhi, Sidewalk Slam, and many, many, more bands that you most likely listen to every day. We are very excited for the opportunity to get this album into the hands of a punk rock mastering pro.

  Talk to you all soon



Indie Vision Music Podcast

  Check out this awesome IVM Podcast focused on Thumper Punk Records and the bands on that label.



Album Update:

  The recording process is in full swing. We have tracked all instruments for the album. Vocal tracking will take place over the next couple of weeks.

  We are working on the mixing of the album at the same time we go through the recording process, so once the vocal recording has been completed, it will not be long before the mixing phase is complete and it gets passed the the mastering engineer (who will remain nameless for now, but trust me, this guy has had his hands on more albums that I love than I can probably even count). To be announced soon!

  That is all we have for you now. Stay tuned, and keep in touch!



Album Update:

  We have officially locked in the starting dates for our studio time. Dec. 10th False Idle will officially start the recording phase of the new album. Stay tuned for updates, including video updates.




False Idle Goes Dookie: Halloween House Show



Album Update:

  Hey there everyone. We hope all of you are having a great summer. Here in the Fi camp we are keeping busy writing new songs and playing shows here and there. We had hoped that we would be wrapping up the new album about this time, but it is taking a bit longer than we had anticipated. Unfortunatley, we won't be releasing the new full length this summer. We plan on going into the studio very shortly, and we have some production ideas that we are trying to work through. We would rather put out a quality product than rush just to put something out. We hope you will be patient with us, and hopefully well have something rockin for you to have in your Christmas stocking this year.

  Thanks for all of the support



Here's a little video that Phil threw together from our last show



We finally got around to putting up this video from Tylers Return Show. Check it out!




  Just in time for Valentines day, get your free acoustic Thumper Punk Records sampler hosted by our friends at Indie Vision Music. What better way to show your love than Punk Rock? * Just click on the TPR sampler cover.


*Disclaimer: The foregoing is in no way intended to suggest that you should not purchase flowers, candy, jewelry and other generous gifts for the sweetheart in your life. Punk rock is not an adequate substitute for a sweetly sung serenade, for a moonlit walk, or for small heart shaped candies that proclaim “Be Mine”. THUMPER PUNK RECORDS, ON BEHALF OF ITSELF, IT’S BANDS AND THEIR RELATED AND AFFILIATED PARTIES (COLLECTIVELY “TPR”) HEREBY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL EXPRESS OR IMPLIED CONDITIONS, REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF THE DOGHOUSE IN WHICH YOU WILL LIVE IF YOU GIVE PUNK ROCK FOR VALENTINES DAY, THE LIKELIHOOD THAT YOU WILL BE A SINGLE PERSON EFFECTIVE AS OF THE DATE YOU GIVE PUNK ROCK FOR VALENTINES DAY, OR THE MANNER IN WHICH YOUR STUFF WILL BE DEPOSITED ON THE LAWN IF YOU GIVE PUNK ROCK FOR VALENTINES DAY. In fact, TPR will be spending the majority of Valentine’s Day avoiding punk rock and any and all association with hardcore, crust, grind and metal, acoustic or otherwise, and recommends that you do the same.




First Acoustic Show @ the Distric Coffee House



What a summer...

  After a summer of shows, a broken wrist, and writing and recording some new music, we are focusing our time on two things.

Firstly, we have grabbed our acoustic guitars and started working on acoustic versions of our songs. We would love to hit some local coffee shops, records stores, and maybe even the Hot Topic to jam out a little bit. All of us in Fi love hearing bands like Strike Anywhere and Rise Against play acoustic sets, so we wanted to give it a go ourselves.

  Secondly, we plan on taking some time this fall to start writing some new music for our next full length release. We have some pretty cool ideas as to what we are going to be releasing next, but you will all just have to wait and see what happens.

  Until then, make sure to check out the singles that we did last month for a few cool projects.

Punk Never Dies Vol 1. A free indievisionmusic compilation HERE

Christmas Party 2011 The Candy Cane EP on 7" (details coming soon)

The Mortification Day Tribute (song streaming on our facebook page now)



False Idle to release “I Refuse” EP on a 7"


  We are pleased to announce that the brand new False Idle "I Refuse" EP will be released as a 7 inch on both red and black vinyl. This release is the first release from the brand new, vinyl focused, Christian Punk Rock label called Veritas Vinyl in association with Thumper Punk Records. Pre-orders are available now at all three of the following online stores:

False Idle Online Store
Thumper Punk Records Online Store
Veritas Vinyl Online Store

Make sure to go and "Like" both of these record labels, they are bringing back the punk.

Thumper Punk Records on facebook
Veritas Vinyl on facebook


False Idle releases “I Refuse”, a free punk rock EP download

  Boise, ID – After their successful debut release in 2010, “Hymns of Punk Rock Praise”, False Idle is coming back strong with a four song EP that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. The band has taken its stance against wasting your life away on a couch, and turned it into a motivating musical reminder of what life has to offer each of us, and what each of us has to offer to the world we live in.

  The “I Refuse” EP leaves nothing to be desired musically. False Idle’s transition from solo project to full band has added a great amount of depth and maturity to their overall sound. The two guitars totally compliment each other while remaining big and full. The grungy bass lines come through as a perfect match to the band’s sound. The solid-as-a-rock drums will blow you away, and with a crisp rasp and creative harmonies, the vocals have definitely been taken to a new level. A friend of the band says this about the EP: (It) has a technical old school skate rock feel to it, like faster more musically mature street punk, if that makes sense”

  The guys from False Idle are just as passionate about the message as they are about the music. This statement was pulled from their website about the new EP: “No matter where you are in life, there is more. We all need to find the fight within ourselves to become better people. Whether it is for our families and friends, for ourselves, or in our spiritual walk, we all need to strive to do more with what we have been given. Mediocrity is not acceptable to God, and you shouldn’t accept it in yourself. I will no longer accept it in myself... I Refuse”. To anyone that hears these songs, their mission will become perfectly clear.

  False Idle is in the planning stages of a Pacific North West tour to support the “I Refuse” EP and to begin promoting the upcoming full length “Hymns of Punk Rock Praise, Volume II”, due out in early 2012.

  The EP entitled, “I Refuse”, is available as a free download through Thumper Punk Records on the Indie Vision Music website here: http://www.indievisionmusic.com/2011/06/07/false-idle-i-refuse/ Make sure to download your copy and tell all of your friends, you won’t be disappointed.